Thursday, April 4, 2013


 I have always loved the way that how deep hues and neon colors contrast. Especially in swimwear! I have a very particular style and taste when it comes to swimsuits that work for me. It takes me forever to buy a swimsuit that I actually like. My number one rule when I shop is that if I don't absolutely love it, I won't buy it. That rule applies to swimwear as well! 

I went to literally every shop local to me and could not find a single suit that fit my fashion taste or body type. Now most people will go online and purchase their suits and if that is you, I'm super jealous. I always have to try things on, it's the way I've always been and I just have to deal with it. The last store I went to, I got lucky. I purchased all of my suits from Hapari Swimwear and I am so happy with what I have found. I encourage you all to check it out!!

Tankini Top: Hapari
Swim Shorts: Hapari

Necklace: Local Jeweler
Pink Top: Charolette Russe

xoxo, Lexie

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