Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Bold Basics

Everyone has a closet and it is full of clothes. Clothes that we wear everyday. Everyone has their favorite trendy piece in their closet but do we have the essentials? Here is what I think that every girl needs in her closet to make putting outfits together a whole lot easier.

The first thing that I feel ABSOLUTELY has to be in every one's closet is plain white or black basic camisoles, tank tops and tee shirts. You can wear them under anything and are an essential when trying to layer clothes.

The next ABSOLUTE basic that everyone needs is a good pair of jeans. Now I know that colored and printed jeans are all the rage right now and those are completely fine to buy but you have to make sure you have the basics first.
I think that you should have more than one pair of favorite jeans. In my closet I always make sure that I have a nice pair of hot skinnies. A pair of light wash denim (not ghetto light wash, just a lighter jean) a pair of dark wash jeans and then a pair of black jeans.
You may think that jeans are just pants that an American girl throws on with a white tee shirt to call it a day, but no. With the right pair, they can transform your outfit.
My next favorite closet essential is a little black dress. Now some people that "a little black dress" is a hot dress that is perfect for the club. Not in my opinion. The reason I love black dresses is because they are so versatile, and that is why they are on my basics list. You can put a casual blazer over them and wear them to school, you can wear them as is to a formal event. There are so many benefits to owning a black dress that there is no excuse to not have one.
I think that every girl needs a neutral flat in their closet. I love neutral flats because you can wear them with every outfit. I mean EVERY OUTFIT!! You can wear them with dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts.... yes, everything. Another reason that I love them is you can wear them with every color too including black or brown!
This one has to be my favorite, I think that every girl needs a pair of black pumps! Some people may think or "know" that these shoes aren't for them. There is no excuse for not owning these though. Black heels come in so many shapes and sizes that there is a perfect pump for everyone out there!
Black heels come in open toe, short heel, tall heel, skinny heel, chunky heel and so many other styles. The first pair you try on might not be Cinderella's glass slipper but I can promise that there is a perfect black pump waiting for you. It just takes time.
My last and final basic necessity is a pair of comfy casual shoes. These can help dress down an outfit and they are good shoes to help you get things done. Just remember that because they are "sensible shoes" doesn't give you an excuse to buy ugly shoes. Still make them cute and have them be you.
Look at that. I have run you through all of my closet basics. Once you have all of these, that's were the fun begins. Now you can shop till you drop and wear what you love!
xoxo, Lexie

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